Run Physix on VirtualBox

  1. Download the Virtual Machine image from: http://physixproject.org/Physix-Project-VM-Beta-v3.3.x86_64.tar.bz2

  2. Verify the md5sum:
    `md5sum Physix-Project-VM-Beta-v3.3.x86_64.tar.bz2`
     10f0cfae639b954e8923040a2b6b5827  Physix-Project-VM-Beta-v3.3.x86_64.tar.bz2

  3. Unpack the archive. This will take ~10 minutes to decompress 65G
    `tar xvf

  4. Create Virtual Machine using VirtualBox
     * Start VirtualBox
     * Click 'New', to Create a new Virtual Machine
     * Select the memory usage/size.
     * Radio button: Select an existing virtual hard disk file: 'Physix_Project.vdi'
     * Under network settings,  set 'Attached to:' to 'Bridged Adapter' and select your network interface.

  5. Start the VM and login as 'root' or as 'physix-user'.
    password: 'physix'